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The Cronje Family

Maureen Brown Peebles and her two grandkids Shannon Cronje and Kristy Cronje in our photostudio.

Here at Double Vision Photography in Douglasdale we were happy to welcome, Maureen Brown Peebles and her two grandkids, Shannon Cronje and Kristy Cronje. They arrived in our studio for a family shoot that mom had booked as a gift. It was fun from the word go. Both Shannon and Kristy were laughing and chuckling all the way through their family shoot and not at all perturbed about any of the poses and group photos they were taking with gran.

What was also great to see, was the closeness and bond that gran and the kids have for one another and all of this could be seen in the photos as to how amazing they all came out. Maureen found it difficult to pose, but was game for anything. She eventually got right into it and flourished, enjoying every minute of her family shoot. With that being said, the bond was easy to capture giving Maureen and the girls lifelong memories to hold onto.

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